Barn Owls

Years 2, 3 and 4

Class Teacher – Mrs M Syred


Term 4

Term 3

Term 2

Welcome to the termly overview for the Barn Owls class! This term has been an exciting journey through various subjects this year, and the countdown to Christmas.

In Geography, we delved into the four nations of the UK. The children enjoyed a themed day where they explored the flags, found out about famous football teams and the cities they come from, developed out map and atlas skills and tasted famous foods from the different nations. This hands-on approach truly brought the learning to life.

Our journey in Understanding Beliefs, Worldviews has led us to an in-depth study of Judaism. The children discovered the beliefs, traditions and rituals of the Jewish faith, fostering a deeper understanding of different cultures and beliefs.

In English, we immersed ourselves in the world of the author, Anthony Browne. The children not only explored a large range of his books, but also had the opportunity to retell one of his stories, ‘Into the Forest’, in their own words. This encouraged creativity and honed their writing skills, allowing them to express their own unique perspectives.  Their wonderful writing is on display in the classroom.

It has been a term filled with exploration, creativity, and immersive learning experiences. We are incredibly proud of the progress and enthusiasm the Barn Owls have shown.

Term 1

Welcome to Barn Owls, the 2/3/4 class at Ulcombe Primary. In term one, our class delved into the fascinating world of the Stone Age, enabling children to explore and understand this mesmerizing era.

Throughout the term, we engaged in a range of hands-on activities that brought the Stone Age to life. From creating model Stone Age houses to experimenting with our own cave art, our young historians developed a deep appreciation for the ingenuity and creativity of our ancient ancestors.

In our science lessons, we explored the concept of light. Our young scientists took part in captivating experiments and even put on a fantastic shadow puppet show, demonstrating their understanding of how light can be manipulated to create mesmerizing visual effects.

Beyond history and science, we also embraced the opportunity to expand our horizons in foreign languages. In our French lessons, we enthusiastically learned numbers, colours, and basic conversational skills, immersing ourselves in the rich tapestry of the French language and culture.

Join us on this incredible educational journey, as we continue to inspire and ignite the minds of our young learners. Together, let’s explore, discover, and embrace the wonders of the world around us.


Term 6


We started term 6 with lots of practical learning about measurement.  We have been comparing mass and using scales to measure mass using grams.  Then we moved onto capacity and measured objects using ml.  Our year 4s have been looking at money and converting between pounds and pence.


In English, we have been looking at a story called ‘The Great Kapok Tree” by Lynne Cherry.  Before we even saw the front over, we listened to sound effects and drew what we thought the seeting would be.  Since we started reading the book, we’ve started researching the animals that live in the rainforest, and deforestation.


In geography, we are learning about Tropical Rainforests, we have talked about the climate in these habitats as well as the location of them in the world.  We made a model of the four layers of the rainforest and labelled them.  Later this term, we will go to Wingham Wildlife Park to learn more!


We are looking at arts and craft this term and having a whole day where we design and make.  Keep an eye out for an update once we have done this!

Term 5

Term 5 is a busy term for Barn Owls as we take part in the year 2 SATs and get ready for the year 4 MTC.  But we still have fun!


We’ve looked at a range of topics in maths including position, decimals and fractions.  We love active learning in all subjects, but especially maths!


This term, we have been learning about plants.  We planted some seeds and when they germinate we will move them to our peace garden. We are also experimenting to see what plants need to grow well, and tested the hypothesis – Do big fruits have big seeds?

Understanding Beliefs

This term, we had a whole day looking at festivals in different faiths and non-faith, including Skih, Hindu Dharma, Judaism, Christianity and Humanism.  We tried a range of traditional foods, and made posters showing what we had learned!